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Some fun in the snow...

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So on March 31st, Mother Nature decided to give us a great big April Fool's present of an extra foot and a half of snow (45cm to us northerners). So I decided to go out and throw some snow balls.

He sees the ball coming... prepping his launch...

He make a jump for it mouth gaping wide... (no where close, if you see the big white blob down near his feet)

Realizing he overshot it, he looks down at the ball as it lands forgetting to pay attention to landing...

"Oh crap..."
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Those are such great pics! They are kind of funny too, made me giggle.
Your boy's very handsome btw.
Looks like he enjoyed himself. Great pics!
Yet some more fun in the snow... from Saturday. Although, this time with my cousin's dog Buddy, another Lab Mix, he's about 2-3 years old.

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Thanks for all the great comments... :)
Wow! Someone had a blast! lol! I bet he was "pooped" afterward, huh?

The picture of him "missing" the snowball is too funny, it looks as if he's laughing at himself for being a goof and missing it. lol! : P
lol, definitely.. after that day with Buddy, and then a 6km walk around one of our man-made lakes, he was 'pooped'... ended up sleeping for the next 8 hours. Then we went up to bed, and slept some more. Took about 24 hours before he was up and ready to go again. So we took him for a 30 min walk then off to the dog park and then another fetching fest, followed by another play date with another buddy, Kuhma (Chocolate Lab). Surprise, surprise, he's sleeping again.

A tired dog, is a good dog. :)
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Sounds like my April fools joke. Woke up April 1st and it was snowing. I wasnt impressed, but what can you do?
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