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soft e-collar, good idea?

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Has anyone used a soft e-collar before? Kintaro will be on an e-collar for 2 weeks and He is so miserable with that stitched eye and hard collar. I want him to be comfortable.

My main concern is, will he be able to bend it and get to his eye? I'm afraid the soft e collar will be a weaker barrier since its a bit more malleable than the plastic cones.

Also I've read that it uses a velcro attachment and was wondering how secure that would be.

Comfy Cone

Poor kintaro, he has been whining and just lying in his crate for the past 4 days. =[
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With something like an eye surgery I'd honestly stick with a hard collar. We had someone come into the clinic as an emergency because their dog got through a soft e-collar and did some damage to her surgery site (lump removal).

You wouldn't want to cause any harm to the stitches in the eye as it's such a sensitive area.
Honestly, I would stick with the regular one. If they had a better closure, along with the velcro, maybe; but I just wouldn't take the risk of my dog discovering that he can use his paws to loosen and release the collar. They are fairly 'grippy' velcro's but still...some dogs are also very persistant. I know one of my dogs would get it off for sure.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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