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My dog Lucy is a three year old mix, unsure of what mix though (possibly Boston Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and/or Frenchie? Let me know if you have a guess).
We rescued her a little over 8 months ago she had just turned three, she’ll be four in November. When we first got her she was very timid toward other dogs and/or would try and pounce on them as they walked by. Over time she has gotten better and better and we have finally been able to take her to the dog parks. We started taking her back in March before COVID and she was doing very well, no problems or anything. And now that the dog parks are open again she has been very excited to get back. Her first few interactions were great, but they’ve continued to get worse. She frequently comes on too strong and scares the other dogs trying to chase them and then tackling them until I have to pull her off. She also keeps getting into fights (she’s a very happy and almost overly friendly dog so this has also been strange). She plays pretty rough and doesn’t know her strength so that is an issue with smaller dogs. And her frequent issue is bugging the one dog in the park that doesn’t want to play. It’s so tough because even when she gets beat up by another dog she still pulls at the gate and tries to go back in and keep playing. Any tips for helping her be a better friend at the dog park? It breaks my heart every time I have to take her home after 2 minutes/when all the other dogs leave the park because she’s isn’t playing nice.
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