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So my boyfriend has had a rottweiler mix for 5 or 6 years and he has never bitten or acted aggressive towards me or anyone in his family. The only time I've seen him go after someone is when we were on a walk and a stranger came up and wanted to pet him and give him a treat and the dog took the treat and got the man's finger and continued to bark at him. This was a one time thing I've seen though. We recently brought home an 8 week old puppy and he came up to sniff him when he was in the house but he has pretty much ignored the puppy. When they are together in the same room he will turn his head and look at the puppy out of the corner of his eye. He hasn't tried to attack him but he did bark at him once when the puppy was chewing on a pig ear and the puppy was scared to death but then he ran downstairs because my boyfriend's mother called him down. Could it be that he was jealous of the puppy chewing on a pig ear? I try to pet him and give him lots of loving and treats when he's in the same room as the puppy but they are not left alone unsupervised. I need some advice about how to handle this situation because I don't want to make it worse for either of them before I realize I'm doing something wrong.
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