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Socialization....is important!

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This is mainly just a vent because I was so appalled with this lady today at work. She has been bringing this puppy into the clinic since it was 1.4 pounds (now 18). They found the pup and we all thought it was wonderful that they decided to keep her and nurse her.

She is now 13 weeks and appallingly un-socialized. The dog not only cowered at the site of me entering the room she tried to bite me when I took her temperature! At 13 weeks! Every time the dog winced in fear she pet her and told her it was okay and that she was a good girl. The owner left the room when we gave vaccines because she couldn't watch (which is fine) and the puppy went nuts! She peed everywhere, tried to snap, cowered in the corner when the vet and I put her on the ground. I've seen puppies be scared before, but I have never seen such a young puppy act like this. And we were nothing but slow and careful with her.

I would give ANYTHING to have had Bridgette that young just so I could socialize her properly and much more easily. The doc tried to give her advice on socialization, but she didn't really seem to see a problem. It was pretty heartbreaking because it's easy to see this poor baby turning into a nasty dog down the road.
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My boyfriend's dog is unsocialized and I totally agree with you, CrazyBrit. It's not her fault. He just didn't know any better when he got her.

It's hard to take her on walks, because she gets terrified at things that she doesn't understand. Like if leaves are blowing around or if there's a storm drain, she panics like the world is coming to an end.

And other dogs? She snaps at other dogs if they get too close to her. I don't think he realized how important socialization was until he came home with me and met the family dog, who loves other dogs and is just fine on walks, and who is child-safe (which his dog certainly is not child safe).

He was really surprised when I told him all of the things we did as the fam. dog was little and growing up to get him used to new things and people and places.

He said that he feels bad, and wished he had known more about dogs when he adopted his dog when she was 6 months old.

Now his dog is 6 years, and though we are making small progress with her, it is a very very slow process.

Socialization from a young age is very underrated.
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Hrm...that's interesting.

Pepper, how would you suggest getting a dog like that to be less fearful? Going to the vet and being around other people is very important for a dog's own safety.

From what I've read, reinforcing a bad behavior only causes it to grow worse.
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