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so sad about Sacha bossing Bob around

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Sacha's been sick for 2 weeks, and is finally feeling better. Today, she has been bossing Bob around terribly, taking him down twice. They didn't bite each other but really quarreled.

She's actually been doing this a lot- if we're playing with Bob, or grooming him, she can't help but 'intervene.' Or she has been barking him off from greeting us first.

Can I train her out of this?

Tonight a family stopped by who is afraid of her so I was doing some training I always do with them together, and she jumped on Bob, held him down, he flipped over and they 'fought' w/o biting until my husband pushed them apart.

It's making me super sad to see them this way, and crying my eyes out is not my idea of a nice end to the weekend. Maybe some of this could be litter-mates syndrome?

Any suggestions at all??
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Yeah, littermate syndrome is a problem.

You need to train them separately, walk them separately and play with them separately. If you're playing with Bob or grooming Bob, Sacha should not have the opportunity to "boss" him. She should be behind a baby gate or in her crate. The same goes for Bob, if Sacha is playing with you, etc., he should be behind a baby gate or in his crate.

You can train Sacha to an extent. You can train her that such behavior earns her a time out away from the fun. Every single time. You also need to reward her for appropriate behavior at the same time.
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