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so sad about Sacha bossing Bob around

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Sacha's been sick for 2 weeks, and is finally feeling better. Today, she has been bossing Bob around terribly, taking him down twice. They didn't bite each other but really quarreled.

She's actually been doing this a lot- if we're playing with Bob, or grooming him, she can't help but 'intervene.' Or she has been barking him off from greeting us first.

Can I train her out of this?

Tonight a family stopped by who is afraid of her so I was doing some training I always do with them together, and she jumped on Bob, held him down, he flipped over and they 'fought' w/o biting until my husband pushed them apart.

It's making me super sad to see them this way, and crying my eyes out is not my idea of a nice end to the weekend. Maybe some of this could be litter-mates syndrome?

Any suggestions at all??
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There's a reason they call nasty women bitches. . .

Female dogs do seem to boss the males around a lot. The males usually seem willing to accept this. I agree you should try to keep it to a minimum but I don't think you can totally eliminate the bossiness.
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