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Sorry guys, I just had to get my brag on!

My ten month old lab girl is amazing. We stayed at a hotel last week for work, two nights, three days. During the trip, Bonesy met her first elevator (didn't notice), her first very small children (licked them to death), her first concrete stairs (also didn't notice), and I'm sure a number of other firsts that I didn't notice because she just doesn't react.

Throughout the socialization process, I introduced everything to her that I could think of. The only thing that she did not react to with a smiling face and wagging tail was the chiropractor's unaltered boxer, who was easily five times her size. All it took was fifteen seconds of patience, and then she was climbing all over him.

She just is so confident about everything, I've never had a dog like her before. The older she gets the more absolutely certain I am that she was the right choice for me. I'm just busting!! :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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