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So proud of my boys

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Today we had a family cook-out and both did awesome! Tank was nervous at first. It took him about an hour to relax. He stayed by me the whole time or my mom(he was on a 6ft leash though so it was mostly me). I told people not to approach him but let him approach them. It worked wonders!! The people he new he went right up to tail wagging begging for attention. The people he didn't know he was more stand-offish, but then would go to them for ear rubs. My one uncle he HATES and I mean HATES tried to approach him and he let out a few growls and the the idiot(my uncle not Tank, tank is smarter than him!) kept trying to approach him! WTheck! my dad and another uncle even told him not to do that and he wouldnt listen. So I took tank for a small walk to calm down and brought him back. When I got back I kept tank by the people he was okay with. Once that one uncle left I let him off-leash and he was fine. he even got a few hot dogs(insert me rolling my eyes here,lol). He did a heck of a lot better than last time. After 6 years he is finally coming around .

Bentley- can you say spoiled!!! He was off-leash the whole time and everyone loved him. He had little kids playing fetch with him, a hot dog or two maybe three I dont really know,lol(major rolling of the eyes,lol). Then I am working on different things to teach him so me and my cousin wen't into this empty lot by my house and worked with him(Tank was with my mom) and he had a blast. Then he got tired and jump up into the bed of my uncles truck. It took me five minutes to coax him out.

So all in all it was fun. It was also a good time to spend with my dogs before I leave for a week tomorrow I will miss them.

Tank- I dont think I've shared his story so I will share it. Tank came from an abuse situation. When me and my mom got the chance to take him from my cousin(the abuser) we did. He was about 5 pounds underweight and terrified of everything. When I say everything I mean everything. He has came a long way in 6 years but is still scared of certain men, fireworks, gun shots, loud crashing(like pots/pans), and leash reactive to some dogs( off-leash fine but on-leash reactive). So that may not seem like a big deal to some people but for me it is!
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