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Yesterday, my cousins dog came over for a playdate with Cooper my 1 1/2 year old ESS. Missy is a 7 year old Boglen Terrier and is food and trash OBSESSED, so when she is over we typically limit the amount of space they can play in because she notoriously gets into everything. Yesterday, I forgot that she was coming over and left a grocery bag of tissues and english muffins hanging on my railing to bring to work the next day. About ten minutes before she was about to leave I ran into the other room and left her and Cooper alone in the living room, knowing that there was nothing in there for her to get into, completely forgetting about the English muffins on the railing. Cooper would completely ignore something like that, so it didn't even cross my mind.

After being out of the room for five minutes or so I return to the bag ripped open and Missy devouring the English muffins. Two were gone by the time I returned, another was half eaten and three remaind in the package. As I walked into the room Cooper was just standing there staring at her and the expression on his face was priceless, almost saying 'oh, crap you're in trouble now'. I immediatly told Missy to stop and turned to Cooper and told him to leave it as I know he was probably getting tempted to grab some of the remaining pieces.

As Missy continued to eat, Cooper just stood there looking between me and Missy leaving the English Muffins that were right in front of him alone. Even after I got Missy out of the room, Cooper sat there and watched me pick them up and not once did he attempt to grab anything.

Now, I know there is a possibly that he ate some while I was out of the room, but since I didn't see him eating anything and there wasn't much around him I'm thinking he probably didn't.

Even though we are still working on some things with him it made me very proud to know that while food was all over the floor he didn't go after it. :)
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