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So Ive always used Advantix...

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this time I got Frontline because Advantix wasn't cutting it with this year's uberfleas...

and what's shown is the immediate consequence of applying frontline. :mad:

What else is there?


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We have been flea free for over 6 years now, and then we got infested...(a cat was brought into the home/family) anyway we picked up Sentry for the cat, and all canines 11 mini doxies and 1 GSD were all treated with Frontline. 3 hours later two doxies were itching like crazy and within 5 hours 9 of the doxies were itching and crying. It could have been only from one thing. Frontline. We washed them all in cool wtaer with Dawn Dishwashing detergent to remove the residue. Gave em all a benadryl capsule.....few hours later wound up giving them a bath yet again in cooler water and more benadryl. It helped. 4 out of the 9 suffered chemical burns from the Frontline and got all blistered up and infected. We applied Neo Predef and bathed them daily for almost a week and the scabs etc that formed are just now starting to fall off. We still have as manyt fleas as we started off with maybe more.

The GSD started to scratch somewhat by the next day and the area Frontline was applied was red. I think if your going to use any squeeze on treatments you really should have some benadryl handy just in case.

Just as soon as its feasible were going to try the Comfortis and Capstar. Capstrar to knock the fleas down in a hurry and Comfortis for long term protection.
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