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So Ive always used Advantix...

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this time I got Frontline because Advantix wasn't cutting it with this year's uberfleas...

and what's shown is the immediate consequence of applying frontline. :mad:

What else is there?


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I've heard people are having a lot of luck with Comfortis lately...taken orally and made by the same people who make capstar (which, of course, works like a dream)
will check it out..

I put the frontline on her and within a day she knawed her bum to bits. My guess is some kind of reaction...because not even FLEAS make her chew herself to bits. Im going to the vet on Monday...but in the meantime Im going to do some product comparisons..
Poor baby. It looks so bad. I hope she feels better soon.
I know. :( she's all scabbed up...I put it on her, went out for about five hours and came back to a dog who looks like some kind of rabid beast attacked her from behind. She has been perfectly healthy for a while now so the only thing I can think of is that the frontline had something to do with it. the vet, when I called said that its a possibility. this sucks. :(
You could try supplementing your choice with natural methods to make it more effective. The things that I find work well as flea deterents (although in some areas with some dogs they will not be enough alone) are:

- garlic supplements (I use Grrr-Lick Garlic snacks and Only Natural Brewer's Yeast and Garlic Tablets)

- a little apple cider vinegar in the drinking water

- all things NEEM, including shampoo, spray, and essential oil combos with NEEM oil in them (I use Ark Naturals shampoo and spray, Doc Ackerman's Botanical Citronella shampoo, and Only Natural essential oil blend)

- diatomaceous earth on carpet and sleep areas (you spread it on and then use a broom to work it into the fiber, and then vaccuum it up three days later) plus there is pet-grade d.e. that you can put directly on your pet. It's totally safe for all mammals, and works by dehydrating insects.

- on a thread about natural flea prevention, cshellenberger suggested using nematodes in the yard: "They are a biological control, microscopic worms that eat flea larvae. You can get them at nurseries or online."

I use natural methods for flea deterence, and then when I occasionally get fleas I use frontline. Depending on your situation, though, you may need to use a medicine all the time and just use natural methods to help on top of that.

I wrote about this in another thread, but advantix has permethrin as the main ingredient, which is a known dog and cat killer. (Same chemical as in Bio Spot.) So I would seriously doubt that it is less reactive than Frontline...

Advantix never caused any issues. The picture depicts the very day I applied the frontline. before, her hindquarters were normal. now they look awful. I guess we shall see at the vet's tomorrow.

I use DE. it helps some. I will give the others a shot..per vet approval(my vet office is one holistic and one allopathic vet..which is nice..I get the best of both worlds)

Bolo is sensitive just in general. She reacts violently to certain foods, certain chemicals etc...so this may be something that is peculiar to her..we shall see.

I've been keeping her leashed to me to keep her from knawing on it and the poor dear has been whimpering all weekend. :(

though the neosporin seemed to help. Thanks Alpha.
Every dog is different. I just meant in general.

What's DE?
diatomaceaus earth. I always just abbrieviate it because I never spell it right no matter how hard I try.

and it COULD be something other than the frontline...I just can't for the life of me think of what else it could be...simply because of the timeframe of application and then coming back to Madam Scabby A**. I hate seeing her in such discomfort. :(
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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