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I might be getting a GSD. I have to get the okay from my dad and then raider is mine. I have thought long and hard about it. Raider is fully trained, friendly, energetic but mellow, nice around kids, house broke, fixed, UTD on shots!! So i think i am getting a good deal :D A little about how this all came up. My aunt has a 8 year old, working line, black and tan GSD. She lives an apartment that doesn't allow pet of any kind, not even fish. So raider lives with her parents at the moment(a few miles from my house). For the past few months he keeps coming to my house and refuses to leave. My aunts dad got fed up and said someone takes him or he will be shot. I don't know if he would do it or not but, you never know. He will sort of be mine but not(like co-own). My aunt will pay for food and vetting but I have to do everything else with him.

before anyone comments on how bentley has is quirks ect.. I DID think about this. My brain started to hurt,lol. I decided I want raider. if he keeps showing up he must like me and the dogs. I have been DREAMING for a dark sable GSD but I think raider is a good starting dog. he is a black and tan but color was a big factor. Just temperament, health, exercise needs and how the dog would fit my life style.

You may have seen the pics before but here they are, again.

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