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Have a new pooch... rescued dog from the streets... 6/7 mos old, collie shepard mix best guess. Very smart, bonded instantly, even after only 2 weeks in my home she is able to be left alone without and anxiety or chewing or messes.She really is VERY good .
Have never yelled, or struck. Teaching only with praise and positive re-enforcement.
SO.... i use the clicker, and have used it correctly. She comes when i call most of the time..HOWEVER, this pooch could care less about me and yummy hot dog bits or clickers if she decides something else is more interesting....I have had her run right by me holding out a yummy treat without a glance!
Is this just a matter of patience and more time?.... I can't imaging continuing to yell come every 2 seconds is doing any good whatsoever. So I play the waiting game...usually not more that a minute or two, I simply praise her when she gets around to coming to me.

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Put a long line on her and leave it on when you are outside until you have a reliable recall. Her safety and your sanity. When she ignores you, you can stop her. You may also find she is more motivated by toys and games than by treats. She may be more into steak or cheese than hot dogs.. and I swap out treats so my dog never knows WHAT is coming out.

The thing to remember, EVERY time she does not come when called on the FIRST request, you are reinforcing her to ignore your recall (ame goes for other commands). You need the line to prevent this.

I suggest you get the pamphlet "Really Reliable Recall" from www.dogwise.com

Meanwhile, work on focus exercises at home (find a word and use it when you want her to look at your face and focus). Start with her just looking at your face.. click and treat. Gradually increase the time span she looks at your face.. you can start this by clicking and slightly delaying the treat. When she starts to offer the look at your face, add a word (choose one such as watch, eyes, attention, ready..). When she looks at you in response to the word in the house, move outside and start over.

Have her on lead and repeat the focus work in different places with different levels of distraction. Work on the Really Reliable Recall.. also in different places and times. Dogs do not generalize behavior from one location to another.. until you have trained that behavior in about 20 different locations.

It will take time. Focus is not an 'instant' process. There is a reason this dog was on the streets and it may well be because no one taught her a solid recall.

Most people think that their dogs have ADHD.. when it is just what dogs do and over coming lack of focus takes time and patience. You are ALWAYS competing with the environment for your dog's attention! It is up to YOUR to figure out how to compete and win!
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