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Snow Balls

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Most of you know I just relocated from a warm sub-tropical climate in China to a frozen tundra in in USA.

My mini-schnauzer and I are adjusting to the climate change. I still dislike the cold, but my dog seems to revel in it. Last night we received 2.5 inches of fluffy snow with temps in the mid 20s. As I was clearing the driveway of nature's gift I allowed my dog to run off-leash. He ran, played, rolled, rooted in the snow. Then we went for our first daily walk. His furnishings, belly, beard and mustache became completely encrusted snow. He had transformed into a 4 legged, excited snowball. He is lounging in his crate chewing off the snow on his legs.

Looks like the 3X/week brushing/combing will be changed to 4X/day after each walk. Oh well, he enjoys the snow while sniffing out the bunnies and squirrels. Me......I really dislike the cold and snow, but life takes you to new adventures.

How do you handle the snow encrusted dogs when they come indoor?
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We used to dip Zeke in a shallow warm bath (no soap) when he came in like this and then dry him off. 10 minutes later, he wanted to go out again. Fortunately, there were only certain snow conditions that had this result. Usually it was less drastic.

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