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Uggh... a sign I saw three places around town today... and I decided to call.
Asked if this was the person that put up the signs... they said "Yes, and the puppies are $400.00, are you going to want one? I need to sell them before my other dog has her 'pupies' ".

I said, "Uh yea do you have a pen and paper? Can you write this down for me? ("Yes go ahead")
S-C-H-N-A-U-Z-E-R P-U-P-P-I-E-S Schnauzer puppies... If you cant even PROPERLY spell the name of breed you are BREEDING, then you have no business breeding!" :mad:

Sigh... Response? "I need the money..."

My upset for the day... but I needed to give a piece of my mind... and a spelling lesson...

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I did the same thing the other week.

Add: "5 pure bread German shepard puppys, ready to go now, CKC regiestered"

I called.
Idiot person = IP.

M: Hi Im calling about the GSD puppies.
IP: Ok would you like one?
M: I just have a question, if you register them, WTF do you register them as, since you can not even spell the breeds name right.
IP:....silence....hangs up.

People make me sick.
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