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Sniffling, Runny Nose

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Our 16-pound Tibbie mix (who we've had for just over two weeks now) has had nasal congestion for the past few days and I made her an appointment at the vet. It's for Monday. I mostly made the appointment because I also had more general questions for the vet, and her nasal discharge had seemed to be getting less, so I wasn't super worried about it.

But since last night she's had a much runnier nose (less discharge stuck on the sides, but more overall snot, very runny), and today she's been sniffling like mad. She hasn't really had any other symptoms except reverse sneezing (unless that turns out to be just something she does, as she is a small dog with a short, although not flat, snout).

Is there anything I can do to give her some relief for the day before seeing the vet tomorrow? Over-the-counter meds that are safe, or more home remedy type things?

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Are you positive its reverse sneezing? Does it sound at allcroupy? I'm asking Bc my small dog had a tunny nose and ass making a weird sound that everyone thought was reverse sneezing, but it sounded kind of like a croupy baby...it ended up being infections tracheitis.
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