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Sneezing Puppy!!

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I got a puppy Thursday and last night and this morning I noticed that he is sneezing ( I think ) it sounds like a sneeze or like something is tickling his nose and I am worried. Should I be? No discharge or cough, just sneezing. It has rained a bit here for the last few days and when he goes out to go potty his paws get wet, I dry him off. Do you think maybe he has a cold?
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My 8 month old Maltese is also sneezing. There is phlegm as well. I wonder if he is possibly allergic to something in my home...
Thank you for the reply, I thought maybe it was an allergy but I am just worried that it might be kennel cough. But I didn't want to jump the gun cuase he is not coughing just sneezing.
I think if it was kennel cough, your dog would be coughing not sneezing. My little dog (the three year old) has a pug nose and she sneezes sometimes. She also has a running nose sometimes. She also has a bunch of sneezing like assma (sp?) but gets out of it very quickly. I wouldn't worry too much.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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