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Sneezing Pup

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We adopted Liddy (mix breed) from a rescue organization on Jan. 3rd. She is currently ~4.5 months and 23lbs. Not long after we brought her home (3 days or maybe 4) she started sneezing. She sneezes after every nap and often when she sniffs around outside. Eye goop shows up after every nap too. The mucous is serous and she seems to have no other symptoms--eating, drinking, eliminating, playing and resting as we'd expect. We tried Benadryl (1mg/lb body wt) as per our vet friend, but I don't think it made much of a difference. She is not coughing. I think the congestion might be worse today than it has been in recent days. Should we consider going to a vet or wait it out? Any other info you need to know in order to answer the above question?
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We rescued a dog a couple of months ago(in Phoenix) and she did the same thing. It took about two weeks for it to calm down. The vet said that it could be allergies, and a combination of a new environment.
Hey great, thanks for the info. I think it's better today--yesterday seemed to be a sluggish, sneezy day, but today she seems spunky and less sneezy.
I assume it's gotta get better, not worse.
Thanks again!
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