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Snappy English mastiff

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We've got a 10 month old english mastiff. We've had him for nearly 8 months now along with our 3 kids. He's been great, typical mastiff, loves to cuddle and sit on your feet. great with the kids, gives horse rides to them and tries to share their beds. But lately, we've had him snip at few few people trying to pet him, all have been complete strangers, but a couple were kids which concerns me.

My first thought was to get his boys removed sicne he's nto fixed, but doing some research it does nto appear that doing that will help aggression. Any suggestions?
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I appreciate all the feedback for sure.

It's defiantly a concern, he did it once two weeks ago when a friend of a friend came into the house wearing sun glasses and came right up and tried to pet him. The second time was at the school when two young girls came running up and tried to pet him.

I haven't noticed him n any pain and he's been very playful with us at home and has not shown any signs of temperment when around people he knows.
I guess the thing that really caught us off guard was that we've taken him down to the school area to pick up our son since he was 3 months old, there was even a time when he was afraid to leave the house. But he always let kids come up and pet him, was always happy about it, then today, two girls ran up and he snapped at them.

Anyway, I appreciate all teh suggestions from anyone, glad this site exists.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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