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Snake season in the south

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Well, my wifes lab took a bite from a copperhead this evening. We spent the last four days camping at a state park on a lake. No snakes. Came home, let dogs out to pee and poor mad dog promptly got bit on the nose. Walked over to see what the fuss was about to find Mad rubbing her nose on the ground and the dang gsd literally jumping in and out dodging strikes from the snake. We gave Mad a big dose of benadryl and put her in the spare human bed for the night. Going to the vet in the morning to see about antibiotics to prevent infection. Fingers crossed, but her breathing is fairly normal so we think she'll be fine. Nature is against us this week. Racoons got into the chicken coop while we were gone and now this.
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Wow! Hopefully this all works out fine. Doesn't the dog need antivenom?
sending good thoughts. been through 6 rattle snake bites, we only have the rattlers here and they control their venom and everyone got through it just fine. I don't miss the other poisonous snakes I grew up with in Louisiana.
She seems to be doing good this morning. Swelling in the face has gone way down and she's wagging her tail wanting her morning attention. We were prepared to go to the emergency vet last night if she got worse ( 2 hrs away ), but were hoping she wouldn't need it. I've actually known several dogs to get bit by copperheads and they were all fine and Mad is a 70lb dog so wasnt super worried but my wife was a mess last night.
Not happy our dog got bit, but that snake was right in the path out our front door. If the dogs hadnt seen it first I would've probably stepped on it and gotten bit myself. Still going vet this morning to see about antibiotics.
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