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I'm so impressed with my dog. I was sitting on the floor playing with her last night and decided I wanted to teach her a new trick. Since we were already on the floor I thought I'd try a version of "Bang!" (Don't like even the thought of fake shooting my dog, though, so I substituted "Night, night!")

Within 10 minutes she was laying down flat on her side when I said the cue. Tried it again this morning and she remembered it and laid flat again on cue. I need to get her to do it when I'm not on the floor with her, but we're on our way.

I was a little clumsy getting her to do it - had to stop myself from modeling, esp. since it would seem suspiciously close to an alpha roll :eek: from her pt of view. But I waited her out and since it was getting close to her bed time, I knew she would lay flat eventually just because she was sleepy. Bingo! I gave her a treat (fine dining style) as soon as she relaxed flat on the floor. Gave her an "up" command to get her upright, then down again and "night, night" -- she had it in a few minutes. Awesome, treat hungry dog!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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