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I don't understand peoples attitudes around here. Just yesterday I had three separate incidents with small dogs off-leash with no sign of the owners. The dogs were all lovely, so it is not a dog behavior problem... it is an owner behavior problem.

Ok, the first dog was midday ish, when me and my neighbor were walking our dogs together. A little yorkie appeared on the grass and started following us. He was very friendly, but there were no patio doors open that he could have come from so we went to knock on doors and see if anyone knew where he came from.

The second door was the owner, and her reply was "oh yeah, thanks, he runs off after rabbits in the evening and we don't want to chase him. He usually comes back when he gets tired." So, from that I gather that not only do you let your dog run free around residential streets, he obviously doesn't listen to you and you let him do it at night. There are coyotes around the apartments here at night, who would happily take a small dog, and this dog had been out since the night before, because she couldn't be bothered to leash her dog or catch him.

The second dog I have had problems with before. She is the sweetest friendliest little thing, still a pup, and belongs to the apartment below mine. But she is never leashed, and would always rather follow me and Ruby than go back to her owner. Yesterday I went outside with Ruby and the little thing came straight up to us. Eventually the owner stopped calling her and came over and picked her up. All good. We walk around the corner and there she is again behind us. He eventually picks her up and we carry on. He takes her back around the corner. 2 seconds later, there she is again... Did he not get it the first 2 times that she is going to run after us if he puts her down??

And then late last night, I am taking Ruby out for her last time before she goes to sleep. I see a shadow on the grass and think it's just a rabbit so we go down. It starts barking... and I realise it is another neighbors chihuahua. May I say again... COYOTES at night. It wouldn't have stood a chance. It runs up to us, obviously wanting attention/hugs... poor thing. I pick it up and it is snuggling against me.

I take it up to my neighbor who says... "yeah she was annoying me so I put her outside"
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