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I did a search, but only saw the harness restraint threads on this and I want a booster seat or one that slips over the back of the passenger seat, or possibly one of the console boosters for my 10lb chihuahua. He currently sits on my lap, which both he and I LOVE, but I have come to realize that he would get squished if we got in a fender bender.

I don't want anything that tilts back as some do. I want something easy to take in and out, and I'd like it to be comfortable and stylish.

Here were a couple I was thinking about, but not sure if the console would be too bulky:



Personal recommendations would be appreciated!

Here is my 10 pounder with my corgi, and I kind of like the console seat idea because my corgi sometimes rides in the passenger seat... The chi is with me all the time though, so it's more important that he is comfortable and the corgi might still be able to fit with one of the seats that fits over the headrest...
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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