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We are relatively new to the Miniature Schnauzer breed as we have only had our current pup for about 18 months but Oswald has been a great addition to the family! We have always had labs in the past. I have been grooming Oswald by myself for the last year and I am continuing to learn and get better at it. We have recently put down a deposit on a second mini so I am starting to amp up my grooming tools since I will be having two to groom shortly.

The main thing I would like help with is finding a small set of clippers for using around the head (face, between the ears, etc.) because our current mini is only twelve pounds and the Andis 2-Speed that I currently have is a bit clunky around his head. I have no preference between corded or cordless but would like it to cut at a #10 length so that it would match the rest of his body. Any suggestions?

The second thing I would like help on is a grooming table. I really don't know much about them so I am open to any and all advice. I'm about 6'1 so I would like something a little taller because I am currently grooming Oswald on a work bench and it's a pain to bend over the entire time.

Any and all helpful advice is appreciated.

Thank you!
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