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Small Breed Puppy Food

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I am getting a 10 weeks old cavapoo puppy.. and i am a first time puppy owner. I really dont know how to plan his diet. or dont even know what brand or food type to give him

please help
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Yep, I'd stick with what the pup is already eating for about a month. Then if you want to switch, any meat based kibble that is small with around 30% protein should be fine. I find my small dogs don't do good with lower protein. A few decent brands that come to mind with small kibble are Ziwipeak, Earthborn Venture, Annamaet, and Farmina. All foods my Chi has done good on and I feel are good quality. There are plenty of others out there but those are what come to mind. Good luck with the new puppy. They are a ton fun!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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