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Sleepy puppy

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I’m a first time puppy owner , I have a miniature dachshund who is 4 months old, I’ve had him 9 days.

i was just wondering how normal it is for him to be sleeping so much!
I swear he’d sleep all day if I stayed there, lol.
he’s right now going into a 2 hour nap.

food doesn’t even rouse him.
In the mornings I have to physically pick him out of his crate to go potty lol


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No puppy of mine that age slept and slept and slept or gave me the impression she'd sleep all day if I weren't around to wake her. They'd play vigorously for a while, sleep for a while, play a while, sleep a while. At 4 months I think all of mine were sleeping or at least quiet through the night, but I can remember waking to see one on her back, quietly playing with her own front feet. At 4 months they were going to puppy kindergarten, 40 minutes to get there and an hour-long class. Maybe they slept on the way home, but were sure to wake when we got there and go for a potty walk before back in the house. I second the idea that if this puppy hasn't had a thorough check out by a vet aware of its sleeping all the time, it should have just that.
P.S. I have seen a puppy that age so deep in sleep you could if careful pick her up and move her.
Once he’s up he is full of beans bouncing around.
we did a park walk yesterday and even when we got home he wanted to play some more.
Oh, sorry. From your original post, I got the impression all he did was sleep and wasn't up and playful like a normal puppy at all. Above sounds normal.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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