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Sleepy puppy

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I’m a first time puppy owner , I have a miniature dachshund who is 4 months old, I’ve had him 9 days.

i was just wondering how normal it is for him to be sleeping so much!
I swear he’d sleep all day if I stayed there, lol.
he’s right now going into a 2 hour nap.

food doesn’t even rouse him.
In the mornings I have to physically pick him out of his crate to go potty lol


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Young puppies need to sleep about 18 hours per day for growth and development.
A lot of common puppy misbehaviors are the result of the puppy being overtired, like a toddler that's stayed up too late on Christmas and now has the screaming meemies.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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