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I wrote a post about our puppy Georgie a couple days ago but have another question. She's will be 9 weeks old on Tuesday. Is this a normal routine for a puppy this age. She sleeps all through the night from around 11-6:30 then she gets up goes potty and has food and drink and plays for a bit. In total she is awake for about an hour to hour and twenty minutes give or take and then we put her in her crate and she sleeps for an hour and a half to 2 hours then gets up and plays and uses potty and we do little training sessions each time she is awake. So all day it's up for an hour then sleep for 2 until bed time and she doesn't just fall asleep on her own she has to go in her crate to fall asleep and if we leave her to long she starts to get really nippy and doesn't listen to anything, that's how we know it's time for her to have a nap. Does this sound like a normal routine?
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She's a baby. And like a human infant, your little canine baby will sleep a lot. Some days it will seem like all they do is eat, sleep and potty. It's perfectly normal.
It's normal, only 9 weeks, she must sleep and eat :D
Yes, it's pretty normal for puppies to sleep 22 hours of the day, really. Their little bodies are growing, and they need lots of sleep!
As everyone has already said, yes, it’s normal. Pups need all the sleep they can get in order to grow well. Plus, you should be thankful the little gal is sleeping rather than causing trouble lol! Enjoy the little one while she’s still calm!
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