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Sleeping Beauty. (Warning: I am prone to picture spam!)

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Aren't sleeping puppies just the cutest? I sure think so!

Presenting Niko, my sleeping beauty! ;D
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Hahah, I admit I must have caused confusion by calling Niko a sleeping "beauty", since he is actually a male! But that doesn't matter, I think he's a pretty boy too hehe. Thank you! :D

And yes I've noticed that he does tend to snuggle with a stuffed toy or his favorite doggy blanket (as seen in the second picture) when he's trying to fall asleep! It melts my heart each time!
Thank you so much everyone! :D

@turtlesocks: Oyy that's so cute! I bet he hated it haha! My little sister went through the same thing after she got a haircut (which left her hair very very short). We thought it was absolutely adorable, and so did all the passersby! Needless to say it was hard to coax her back to the hairdresser. ;)

And aww hehe, Niko sends his love to all your toys and blankets!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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