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Sleeping arrangements -- from bed to crate?

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So I've decided that I want to have my dog sleep in his crate. He's been sleeping with me since we got him (~3 months), and there hasn't been any dominance issues at all (we practice "Nothing in life is free" and he responds well), I just want my old ability to move around wherever back lol. Also, better for the future, if I ever go away and he needs to sleep in his crate, it will not be a problem.

How should I do this? I live with my parents (only 22), and I cannot have him barking for hours in the night, as they'll wake him up...or will he even bark? Will he just whimper?

Please someone give me some protocol...

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Well a few months back you had started dog in crate and then you asked about dog sleeping in bed with you. Now you're asking about dog sleeping back in crate where you had originally had started him. You have spoiled him and he is use to the good life now. You realize when you bounce all over the place it's harder on your pup. Pups/dogs like stability. That being said the short version is put him in crate and tough it out. Then apologise to parents for ruining a good start with pup and hope they love you enough to forgive for sleep lost. Long version is wait for more help as somebody else will jump in and solve your problem. I did not read all your older threads but I would almost bet that when you asked about dog sleeping in bed before, somebody might have advised you to keep on with the crate sleeping program. Good luck, your little pup will come around, patience is needed by whole family.
Yes to all and that's really all there is to it. Not much else to say.
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