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I have a German Shepherd puppy who isn't so keen on food. We tried all the high quality brands, but she ate them very sparingly and had constant loose stools. We finally found a 'bad' grocery-store brand that she will eat, and her loose stools vanished. However, I noticed she got dry skin--dandruff on a black dog stands out.

So, sneakily, I began mixing a small amount of Canidae in with the crap food, and the dandruff disappeared.

I am a little concerned about the balance of nutrients she is getting being 'off' because of this, though. I do supplement her diet with a steady stream of treats: carrots, brussel sprouts, radishes, the occasional raw chicken quarter or raw beef bone, raw hamburger, cheese, peanut butter and sliced turkey.

(And after all this, she is still a slender little pup!)
I was thinking about maybe adding in the occasional bit of fish or organ meat, but I am concerned about that whole 'balance of nutrients' thing. I know I'll never go completely raw, I don't have the patience, but I'd like to continue giving her 'extras'. Do you suppose this is healthy?
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