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skin pigment change?

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I have a 17 month old male bichon/poodle. It seems that overnight the skin on his belly turned spotted. His skin was all pink now there are brown markings almost like a cow. Does anyone know why this would happen? Shouild I take him to the vet?
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My Shih Tzu got his spots last year all around his body like a cow (kinda like those chinese crested dogs). I freaked out too and called the vet and did some research online. It turns out this is normal, some dogs get them around the summer/spring or due to allergies and then they disappear and come back. I just noticed my Shih Tzu's gotten some more on his belly this year.

They're not raised, just skin pigmentation on his pink belly and around his body (back, neck, butt, etc.)

I still get paranoid about this, so I, like you, would like to hear some more of others' inputs regarding this.
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