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Hello all! I am a first time dog owner. His name is Theo, he is aprx 7 months old and was neutered 5 days ago. He has been a champ, whenever I am with him I never see him bite or lick down there other than the occasionally once or twice a day to clean himself. I took pictures ever other day to keep track of his recovery and today it looks like his stitches are gone but I'm wonder if it's just skin growing back over it? I is supposed to go in I think a little after a week from today to get them removed. Anyways, just wanting opinions on how you think his stitches are looking and his recovery is going based of the photos.

Thanks for the input!

Hair Skin Close-up Blond Ear
Hair Skin Close-up Ear Forehead
Skin Close-up Ear Organism Tarantula
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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