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Skin Allergies?

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I have a 9 year old female cocker spaniel who has had skin allergies pretty much her whole life. A while back she started chewing at the hind leg and between her paws. She'd chew so bad it would break open the skin and bleed. We recently got her shaved down because she was getting mats in her hair.

She still chews occasionally but not as severe as she was... now we are finding this little white spots that look like big dandruff that is matted to her skin.

Anyone that could help me out I would be more than thankful. We've been to the vet and were told to give her Benadril (spell) We also use hypo-allergenic shampoo on her.

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When I first adopted Donatello, I was pulling little white scabs of skin with tuffs of hair out of his fur... Well, the longer I had him the more his hair was falling out. Bald spots all over the place...

At first I thought he was allergic to his nylon collar. Then I cut out all extra treats from his diet. I started washing all my clothes and blankets with hypo-allergenic detergent...

Well, with some diligent research and study myself, before I spent loads of money for tests from a vet, I changed his food once again... I was changing his food left and right... I was advised to give him Benadryl too, all that does is mask the symptoms and provide little relief.

I then put him on a "corn-free" diet... The food he eats has no type of corn in it at all... Since he's been on that... No more bald spots! His hair is growing back in, he doesn't itch or lick at his paws near as much. (His bald spots weren't as progressed as your dog's, but looked very similar.) Many dogs are allergic to corn, beef, and chicken and are now developing allergies to lamb.

Have you tried changing the food to a corn/grain free meal? Donatello's dog food is made with Turkey.
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Okay, well look on the ingredients and see if there's corn, corn syrup, corn meal, anything with corn... Look at her treats, see if the ingredients are the same...

If all else fails, tell your vet you want her tested for *food* allergies... Food allergies can servely effect the skin&coat of dogs.

Unless I'm missing this completely and you already know what her allergy is??? I'm not sure...
Donatello is on Nature's Recipe Farmstand Selects from PetSmart.

It's made with Turkey and other real vegetables, no corn!

TomN boasts another good point, you might very well want to take her to the vet and insist on getting a skin scrape.

However, I didn't do that, I took the risk of just changing the food and it worked out for me; I would do whatever you're most comfortable doing, if you want to try changing the food and if that doesn't seem to clear it up then most definitely pay a visit to the vet.
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