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Hey guys! Sorry it's been SO long since I've posted. I've been really busy with work and school, but I haven't forgotten you guys!

Bridgette has been doing pretty well. We're going to start working with a new trainer/behaviorist because she's been having some strange anxiety problems. Not a huge deal yet, but I certainly don't want it turning into anything more serious!

I added a new member to our family, but he only lived just over a week which was a horrible experience! I adopted a rat from Petco that was brought into my work because it had mites. We had it at work for about 2 weeks treating the mites and once he was completely mite-free I brought him home and slowly introduced him to my rat Dwight. I named him Wilson and the two rats got on famously. One morning I raced him into work because he suddenly had discharge coming out his eyes and nose and was off balance. It ended up being some kind of viral meningitis and we had to put him to sleep. He was a sweetie so I was pretty upset despite the short time he was with us.

Anyway, only other thing going on right now is Luna (my female cat) attacking Bridgette. It seems to be happening more frequently and poor Bridgette just yelps and hides. I keep them separate as much as possible and they really don't have a problem most of the time, but just when they're doing fine Luna will scratch Bridgette across the nose. What bothers me is that Bridgette goes out of her way to stay as far away from Luna as possible, yet when there's an issue it's usually just Luna waltzing, unprovoked up to Bridgette and literally attacking her. We have tried soft paws, but she got them all off within a week. I guess I am just really afraid of Luna getting Bridgette's eye and causing serious harm. Since I work at a vet and see/assist with declaws all the time I REALLY don't want to do it to Luna...any suggestions otherwise?

Anyway just a random update. :)
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