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Silly Dogs...

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My mom got a new car today, and my dogs have been barking at it on an off since she got it home :p I've brought them out to investigate it, and since no one is obviously here because of it (like a stranger) they soon forget about it, but then later see it again and bark their fool heads off :rolleyes: I'm sure they'll get use to it soon, I just can't help but laugh at them for it lol
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I had a dog that had to pee on all four tires of every car that parked in our driveway... Every few days he'd have to do it again to our cars... lol! Now that's a funny sight, tire one- dribble, dribble. Tire two- dribble, dribble. Tire three- dribble, dribble. Tire four- dribble, dribble. lol! Just like that, too!
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