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I've noticed in the past couple of months my soon to be 1 year old berner is really barking at men. She has been very socialized since she was 12 weeks old. Tonight she got out of the yard which I never knew until I heard a bunch of barking. I looked out the window and seen her on the front grass barking at a woman who lives a couple of houses down and she was in my driveway. The lady said she saw my dog across the street and she came running back into our yard, started barking at her and wanted back inside the gate. When I called COME she came running back inside the yard. I know coming when called and actually wanting back in the yard is a good thing but the territorial thing makes me a little tense. Our neighbourhood is a bit of a magnet for crime though. If anyone has any feedback or tips would be helpful. I want to keep her friendly and happy but alert, not aggressive, if that makes sense?
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