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Sickness and weight loss

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Looking for some advice. I have a small to medium American Eskimo sheltie mix. He is 10 in January. He ended last winter overweight weighing 36 pounds. Ideal weight for him is about 27. After a summer of swimming running and playing he was down to a good weight.

Septmeber hit and he acted starving, getting into garbage, taking food from my dd (he had never done this before) I had my son Septmeber 12th we thought he was acting out. Treated him and all the rest of the animals for worms end of septmeber.

End of October he started being picky in his food and having diarrhea. Took him to the vet started him on meds to clear it up. He then was acting starving but couldn't keep food down. Back to the vet, blood work and started antibiotics. It was no better, sent him for xrays and had the x Ray sent to a specialist. They thought there might be a partial obstruction. By this time he was down to 24 pounds. Had surgery, no obstruction. He started not wanting to eat anything chicken, pork, treats, pasta...we tried everything. Started an appetite stimulant and prednisone to start and get him eating worked for a 2 weeks and then got sick again. He is now down to 21 pounds and completely refusing all foods. I started making my own "baby" food to hand feed him. Biopsy samples were sent away and won't be back until Monday.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Any ideas on ways he might eat? What to feed? I know this isn't a medical group but I've taken all the medical steps and advice so I'm just looking for more ideas to try. My next step while waiting for biopsy results is looking into a feed tube but i feel really strange about doing that to him. Last Tuesday I thought he was on the mend he was eating, playing and had lots of engery :(
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It probably takes longer to recover from abdominal surgery than one thinks.

Keep on feeding him mushy baby food! Look into how one feeds kidney dogs, they are picky because that last food gave them a tummy ache and they are hoping this food won't. It does and they will refuse it and be looking for yet another food that doesn't hurt digesting. Dogaware.com has lots of ideas to try.

One thing you might look into is making purees of the dog safe foods you are eating. If you are having rice, broccoli and baked chicken then bone the chicken, add a stalk of broccoli and spoon of rice to some water and blend if he cannot eat it in chunks. Do each separately if he might get picky about something. The nice smells of the food cooking, the sight of you preparing food and seeing you eat may help him want to eat. This worked in reverse when I was cooking for my kidney dog. She got a chicken and rice diet and every time I cooked for her I wanted homemade chicken soup for dinner! There are actually very few foods dogs shouldn't eat, onions and garlic, coffee and chocolate, macadamia nuts, grapes and a few others that are easily avoided. Just do your research before offering them! Most of the trouble people get into is too much of things that should be eaten in moderation like chicken skin.

No this isn't a long term balanced diet! If you come to some sort of equilibrium and want to continue with feeding fresh food then you will figure out at that point. For right now you can add in 1/2 measuring teaspoon of powdered dry egg shell to each pound of food as dogs need a huge amount of calcium compared to what humans require.
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