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Hello everybody...
My name is Chris..I have a Dog 15 months old...2 weeks ago we noticed that it has developed diarrhea and fever..we thought it may be some indigestion or some sorts..so we have treated it with paracetamol..and waited for its recovery..since this incident occurred it stopped taking solid foods and used to have only milk...then suddenly it had continuous seizures for 2 days and we took him to hospital and vet gave some tablets(Gardenal* 30) and saline as well as ORS and said that its just a viral fever..and seizures occurred due to high temperature..2 days passed and it reached a condition where it was completely immobilized like paralysis loosing all its senses and we had to spoon feed him everyday...The next day we went to the doctor and he said that it is in last stage(about to die) and they could do nothing about it...we continued to used our own medicine as Dad and Mom know little medicine and we tried different medicine like
->Cifran 250mg
->some Folic acid tablets(for strength) etc
2 days later we took it to a renowned veterinary University where medicos and doctors examined dog and said that it has 50/50 chances..
it developed constant twitching in its hind legs which doctors said due to the damage on nervous system...
we did our best to help it recover...it did a tad bit cos we observed that its pupil was more responsive and it regained its voice where it moans if it needs to turnover or something like that...but it stays in constant pain and cries a lot.
Here...(In India) we don't have proper hospitals or veterinary care centers which take proper care... so as far as i can think...this is only alternative I've got...where i could ask some help from an expert or some sorts.. so that we can figure this out...Please help me...
I'll be eagerly waiting for a reply..
Thank you
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