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Hi Dog Forums,

I adopted my puppy Willow (German Shepherd/Bernese Cross) about 5 weeks ago. It was going really well, had her vaccinations, hadn't taken her out to visit the park until she was immunised, was deworming her, until 11 days ago I noticed she had a cough.

I took her to the vet three times before they diagnosed her with pneumonia; they kept her over night to do x rays and a barium to ensure there was no blockage; the vet found what he thought was a blockage so did some surgery but before breaching the stomach line was able to determine it was hair and worms. they closed her up and kept her over for two nights.

Since Thursday she's been home but it's been a rollercoaster of stress as she's been having difficulty keeping her food down. Monday morning I went to the vet and to no surprise she had lost weight; the vet suggested trying to give her 'tasty' things to eat to encourage her appetite.

Well last night she regurgitated chicken and rice I had made for her and this morning she has been going through the motions of vomitting (but not actually producing anything).

I'm going to call the vet but the stress and worry is really getting to me. I've had dogs before but this is the first time I've ever had a really sick puppy.

Do any of you guys have any suggestions of how to deal with the stress? Or bland tasty food options to help entice Willow to eat?
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