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Sick golden Doodle

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Hi my golden doodle was sick all night. Just fecal matter as far as I know. She kept asking to go outside all night. I thought she would be good today after getting it all out last night. I came home form work and there was fecal everywhere, mostly liquid and vomit. Most of the vomit looked normal. Food etc. I looked at it more closely and found some huge clumps of rope. Well I cleaned it all up, figured she was ok again because she hasn't vomitted or thrown up since I have been home. Well I noticed a clear slippery liquid saturating her beard, so I opened her mouth and saw the film all around her mouth. Its not foamy, just clear and slippery. As soon as i let her close her mouth she vomitted some of the clear liquid. Maybe from her tongue gagging her. I also noticed she is not drinking water like normal. Ya know, aggressive tongue lapping. She's just lazily trying to get it in her mouth. Any advice would be very helpful. I will end up at a vet for sure if it is not better tomorrow. But they are all closed now, and the emergency clinic is very expensive

Cullen and Juneau
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Yea I know :-( all of her rope toys are in tact. Maybe somebody threw something over the fence. I assume it was a rope. It was very strange feeling and all messed up from being in her stomach. Are there any other symptoms I can look for that would indicate blockage
her abdomen isn't pulsing at all. It feels fine Not tight, not bloated. she's just sleeping now breathing normal. the white film isn't seeping out her mouth anymore. of course I will take her to the vet as soon as I can, but I'm not blessed with money right now. thanks for all responses
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