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I hope that finally someone can assist me or at least tell me where I might be able to go to get real help for my dog. I have a three year old Dachshund/Tibetan Terrier mix. She was fine until she became a years or so. She started to scratch alot and we discovered it was fleas so I did some research on the internet and treated her and we got rid of that problem and to date, no flees.

Then about two month or so after she started to get some large yellow flakes on her skin and in her ear while at the same time loosing hair. I carried her to my vet and he told me that she had mites and we need to increase the dose of worm medicine from one to two tablets (i.e Endolav 200mg). This did not work so we went to the pharmacist and they give me ivomec and I was told to give her 1ml every 7 days. I was also given a mix of sulphur and oil to rub on her. This worked for about a month and then she was in the same plight again. I returned to the vet and we were now told to try bathing her every three days and increase the ivomec from 1ml to 1.5ml. This did not work either, so the ivomec was increased to 2ml and a treatment of 5mg prednisolone was given for one week along with a treatment of 1 biotin daily. At first this seemed to help but after she came off of the prednisolone she started to lose hair again and the flakes started again. My vet then advised me to give her a constant dose of the prednisolone i.e 1 tablet every other day. This did not work.

The yellow flakes are now all over her body and she scratches all night. She also has problems shaking her head because the ear seems to be paining her.

The vet did treat her for the ear but as soon as I stop the treatment as he suggested, she got sick again only worst than the last occurrence. During this entire ordeal my dog has also stopped getting her period and when I mentioned this to my vet he said that she is maybe getting silent periods.Do dogs get silent periods? However I suspect that he may think that she has some kind of hermone imbalance since he prescribed prednisolone.

I am very frustrated because she is not getting better. I am now giving her 2 prednisolone tablets daily and I noticed that she started to hump the mat we give her to sleep on so I stopped. I don't want to kill my dog by giving her the wrong dosage of medicine but my vet does not seem to be giving me any proper diagnosis or solution to her state of health and I am just very depressed about everything that is happening with her. I can't stand to watch her suffer.

Can someone please assist me I don't know where else to go or what else to do? And please don't tell me go to yet another vet because where I live there are only about two and I have gone to both.

Oh I also tried Selsun blue for dandruff and that did not help either.
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