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I have 3 kids, a 5 year old, 8 year old, and 10 year old. The dog jumps on the 5 and 8 year old and knocks them down on the ground. Most of the time, he jumps on them while their back is turned towards the dog. I have heard of people kneeing the dog in the chest to get the do to stop jumping on them. Is this a good idea or is it a form of animal abuse? When I first heard about it, my thoughts were animal abuse. What would be the best technique to use to get him to stop jumping on the kids? I have noticed that the dog is outside and when the kids go out in the back yard, he is excited to see them, since they don't go outside often to visit him.

Thanks for any help.


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The Kneeing in the chest is not really a good idea. Besides, how can you knee a dog when your back is turned?

Most people with dog problems want a dog to "stop" some undesirable behavior, but do not think up an behaviro that they want to train the dog to do instead. That is what you need to do.. train a behavior and reward that behavior with food as an alternative to the one you don't want. You have to be there.

I may be WRONG about this next part, but your post is short:

It sounds like your husky is an outside only dog. If that is the case, he is likely starving for affection and attention. Dogs need human contact. Having a dog outside in a yard all the time deprives a dog of the one thing they crave.. HUMAN CONTACT with their owners.

Dogs need training so they can be members of the family (just like kids need "training" to do acceptable behaviors to be members of the family). Dogs need to be walked (and Huskies need a LOT of walking on a leash.. like 2 hours a day.. PLUS time spent training them).

IF I am reading your post right, your dog needs a LOT more than training not to jump on the kids. He needs to be trained, walked and worked with regularly. He needs to be house broken and needs to learn to live WITH you not as a separate entitiy away from you.

All these things.. walking the dog.. training the dog etc. can be participated in by all your kids and by you getting EVERYONE outside.

You have a wonderful opportunity here to do things as a family that can be worked at through the dog. Just off the top of my head I am thinking of Dog Obedience classes (with the kids and you), Dog training 4H projects, Dog training Boyscout/girl scout projects, hiking, walking at the park and these are just a start.

Maybe you are doing all these things already.. and this may all be conjecture on my part based on your original post. These are just some ideas.
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