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Greetings. I just got my first puppy... his name is Rufus. He's a 10 week old lab-shepherd mix. He's SO cute, and I'm doing my best to raise him, but I'm concerned about his eating....

I purchased Canidae dry dog food from the shelter because that's what they told me they had been feeding him and I wanted to stay consistent. The back of the bag says to feed a dog his age/weight .5-1.5 cups. What it doesn't specify is whether this is the amount he should be eating per day or per meal.

I usually put 1 cup in his bowl and feed him at 6am, 12:30pm, and 6pm. Sometimes he'll eat the majority of food in his bowl, but usually he just picks at it for a bit and walks away with about .7 of cup remaining.

I wonder if perhaps he's just not that hungry, however, my roomate has a dog, and Rufus LOVES her food. Whenever the other dog's food is out Rufus charges at the food bowl and gobbles it up! He's never shown that kind of interest in his own food.

He doesn't look too thin, but I'm very concerned that he's not eating enough. I'm concerned that he's really hungry, but dislikes his food. The excitement that he shows over the other dog's food leads me to believe that he might still be really hungry even after his own meals are provided and then ignored.

I'm really not sure what to do. Do I try feeding him a different brand of food?
Perhaps I'm worrying excessively, but I care deeply for him and his health.

Thanks for the help :)
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