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Should I Milk?

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My dog had 7 puppies 6 weeks ago. The pups are all eating dry food and doing quite well. My concern is with the mother... With the puppies no longer nursing I was hoping that nature would take its course and she would stop producing milk. Unfortunately she still is and she is really really full of milk and its discharging out of her nipples. She seems very uncomfortable by all of this.

My question is this... Do I milk her myself to help relieve some of the pressure and her discomfort?

Will this cause her to continue to produce milk?

Or do I need to just be patient and "let nature take its course?"

Thanks, Matt
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What have you tried to help dry her up? Have you cut back on her food and gradually weaned the puppies?
I haven't ever heard of pumping a dog. I wouldn't think she would take kindly to it though, having puppies hanging of you is one thing, but I woudl think it would be hard for you to get the right pressure etc etc....If you do pump her than you are telling her body to make more milk, it's a supply and demand deal, so if you take away the body will remake, causing more stress. How long have the pups been weaned? What about at night are they nursing at all even once?

I would expect her body would know what to do, but if she has this much milk for long I would put a call into the vet and ask them before you attempt pumping for her.
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