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Should I look for a new groomer?

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I'm new to dogs as Mango is my first dog. I have been bringing her to the same groomer for a year now(she is one year 3 months old). Little things have been bugging me about my dog's groomer and I'm not sure if they're things that are normal and I'm just being too sensitive as I have never been to another groomer before and am not too sure what I should expect.

1. Ever since the first day, when I pick Mango up, they have an appointment card with the next groom date. (4 weeks later). Is that normal? I find it a little presumptuous but it might be normal:S

2. I was told when I first called for pricing that I get 15% off when I'm on a 4-6 week schedule. I never asked for the discount, they offered it to me. Well yesterday, I go to pick Mango up and the app card is ready and I tell them I am busy that friday(august 24th) and would prefer a monday. So I told her the 27th would be better. The groomer tells me I would have to do it monday the 20th or I would lose my 15% off because I would no longer be on a 4 week schedule. I was a little shocked. Not only would the 20th make it 3 weeks but I was told I could do up to 6 weeks schedule and still get the 15%!

3. The first 4 months I went there, when I go to pay in cash, the groomer lets me know "we accept tips" with a huge fake smile. Umm, I can tell since there is a huge sign at the front desk boldly proclaiming that they accept tips.

Now these things have been annoying me BUT there is a reason I continue going: my dog looks fabulous, she always leaves and enters with her tail wagging wildly(granted I've yet to ever see her upset), and they act like they really love her. I've heard so many horror stories of dogs getting hurt at groomers and that's why I chose to go to this super high end grooming salon that is 15 dollars more than any other salon in the area. The money is not the issue. It's the attitude! Am I just being sensitive?
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I as a groomer, find it rude to basiclly tell some one they should tip. Sure tips are great, but tips are also earned IMO.

As for the 4-6 week rule. That is all up to you. And tell them that. But also remember that if you wait 6-8 she may need a shorter cut due to matts or such. this is me only assuiming you keep her in a longer cut, assuming I know the breed as most matt up quickly. I personally book a appt tentivaily for my grooms. Just because we book up so fast at our salon (we have almost a 3 week wait going on right now, and we have 5-8 groomers working every day 6 days a week). If my clients dont feel they want in that day, No problem. we re-book for their convience.

You too need to be happy with the groomer.
Being given a date and card for the next groom may seem pushy. but like I said we have massive waits at out shop all the time, so we do it to save the customers. If they dont want that date, no problem. we can re-book. Or let them call at their leisure, but they know they may not get in when they call for sometimes up to a month.

If you are a loyal customer, which you sound like it to me. I dont get why they wouldnt give a little leeway with the discount once in a while. We have discounts given to dogs who come in every 4-6 weeks (shedless you pay once so as long as you come in every 4-6 weeks. If you go to 7 weeks and are loyal customer, we will not charge you for it. Same as hair cuts, come in every 4 weeks and you save 5-10 bucks per groom. if for some reason it goes to 5 weeks and you have been loyal, we will still cut you the break.

Yes a groomer may feel that way. But this is YOUR dog, do as you please. All groomers have different style. Try out another if you like, thats all up to you.
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