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Should I give my dog a Tums after 24 hrs of 1st stage pregnancy

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My bitch has been in labor for 24 hrs, not sure if contractions have started yet... should I give her some calcium now in form of Tums? If so, how to get her to eat it? The vet also gv me Oxytocin but I am very reluctant to use it as I've heard bad things can happen from it. Please advise... ASAP (it's currently 2:36 am May 25 mountain time). Thank you!
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This question is best left to a vet - if you're not sure what 24hr emergency vets are in your area, most clinics will list local after hours options on their prerecorded phone messages. Being in labor this long with no puppies can be signs of serious issues and I'd be wanting a professional opinion ASAP about whether she's at a point where you need to consider bringing her in. This isn't a situation where I'd want to be trying at-home treatment when what she needs is medical/surgical intervention.
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