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Once dogs are weaned from their mothers, they become lactose intolerant and stop being able to digest dairy well. Just like with lactose intolerant humans, this can lead to stomach pains, loose poops, stinky gas, diarrhea, and sometimes even vomiting. A little bit of dairy here and there - especially processed dairy like yogurt or cheese - isn't usually harmful unless your dog is very sensitive, but it's not usually a good idea to offer large amounts of milk or other dairy products regularly.

Overfeeding dogs can lead to weight issues and other health problems, and it's very normal for dogs to love food so much that they'll keep eating even when they're not hungry. Is your dog currently eating a commercial dog food? These will often have serving suggestions on the bag, based on your dog's ideal weight. Start with that suggestion and measure his food so you know you're not feeding more than that in one day (you can split it into two or more meals). If he gets a lot of treats in a day, feed him less of his regular food, but try not to replace more than 10% of his regular food with treats. If you notice him looking or feeling too fat with this much food, reduce the amount you're measuring out for him by a little bit and see if he's at a better weight in a few weeks. Do this until you find a good amount of food that will keep him at a healthy weight. If you're struggling, a vet can help you work out what his ideal weight should be and what portion sizes are a good starting place.
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