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Yesterday I went to the dog park, or at least tried to. After entering the first gate, unleashing Spirit and heading to the inner gate she started to growl at one of the dogs. With a quick and dismissive "oh no. I'm not gonna be that guy." I leashed Spirit, quickly walked away from the park and went home. Naturally once she started following me away from that dog everything went back to normal. But now I'm worried about what would've happened if I was at the park first.

So this begs 2 questions:
1. When you're already at the park, what's your procedure for letting other dogs enter the park? I typically recall Spirit and have her stay long enough for the dog and owner to enter the park without my dog adding to the crowd at the gate. Once inside I release Spirit.

2. The dog she growled at didn't initiate any hostilities but was the same shape, color, and size of the one that bit me weeks ago. Could that have anything to do with it?
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